This asset contains many special effects. All effects have inherent name and concepts. Magic, Ice, Blood, Devil, Poison, Planet, Slash, Explosion, and more, ready for your projects.

Key features of this asset :

[1]:Standard, URP and HDRP(without distort) are support.

[2]:High-end (like PC/VR) and low-end (like Mobile) are both support.

[3]:All effects are based on HDR color and provide more performance.

[4]:Custom shaders are more advanced(more function, better effects, etc)

[5]:Support both linear and gamma color space

[6]:Resizing effects and customization are really easy

[7]:Based on unity particle system.

[8]:Based on unity post processing.

[9]:Guide papers are included.

[10]:Toon style patch is included. you can check this in EffectScene.

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