7 high quality realistic cars

7 Cars included:

Station Wagon Car

Luxury Car

Sedan Car

Crossover Car

Hatchback Car

Minivan Car

Cargo Van Car

All cars feature:

– Compatible with Unity Vehicle
– Collider
– Clean, detailed geometry
– Optimized polycount
– Prefab
– Materials
– Separated steering wheel and dashboard needles (correct pivots)
– Separated wheels and brakes
– Emissive textures for interior, headlights, brake and reverse lights
– PBR Unity Standard shader

Bonus: Registration Plate mesh included

– interior 4096
– wheels 2048
– lights 512

Vertex Count: 55 920 – 71 650

Package includes:

– 7 Car Prefabs

– 7 Car Meshes

– Registration Plate mesh

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