This Action Pack for Game Creator 1 provides additional features for Game Creator that are not available in the core product. With the theme of Light and Dark, this pack contains 37 New Detailed and Unique GC Actions.

⚡ 1 x Day/Night Cycle Component
⚡ 4 x Skybox Actions
⚡ 11 x Time of Day Actions
⚡ 6 x Scene Lighting Actions
⚡ 2 x Weather Actions
⚡ 10 x Light Setting Actions
⚡ 2 x Flashlight Actions
⚡ 1 x Flicker light Action
⚡ 1 x Change Collider Action
⚡ 1 x Terrain Action

All features are activated and controlled using Game Creator Actions, no coding is required.

These Actions can be used for creating new visuals in your game, controlling Lights, Weather, and triggering Actions in realtime or game time.

With this Asset, you get:

⚡ 37 New Detailed and Unique GC Actions
⚡ 1 New Major Component
⚡ 2 Detailed Example Scenes

These additional Actions are an essential extension for Game Creator 1. They will not work without Game Creator being installed first.

Make your game different and exciting using these unique Actions.

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