“Highly customizable screen materials with many parameters as you wish. Textures can be combined and individually designed, the material is moving, it has more than 35 parameters, it can be customized as you wish.

In addition, it can be changed from material settings to hologram or background screen..”

Technical Details


50+ Material

1024×1024 Shape and Cylinder Texture ( For the vektor file, you can communicate with your invoice via discord or mail, so you can make it to the size you want.)

256×256 Bar Texture

1024×1024 Text

65+ Textures

Number of Unique Materials and Material Instances:54

Number of Textures:67

Texture Resolutions:256×256,1024×1024

Supported Development Platforms:



Important/Additional Notes: Just contact to download AI.file,

In addition, you can easily change the design you want.

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