Advanced 3rd Person Camera is a very flexible, powerful and scalable system that allows you to conveniently create and manage various camera modes with unique behavior and many parameters for configuring or creating custom scripts with logic for each camera mode.

Also, the plugin has the functionality of automatic switching the camera modes by using special triggers on certain locations.

Technical Details

Plugin replaces srping arm component


Camera location and rotation control

Smooth change of the distance from the camera to the character

A default collision test and ignore collision on movement (for example, disabling collisions with a fence, trees, or poles)

Automatic camera alignment along the Pitch axis

Automatic camera rotation in the direction of the character’s movement

Automatic change of the camera tilt angle along the Pitch axis to avoid collisions with objects above the character (for example, roofs and ceilings)

Hiding the objects between the camera and the character

Hiding own character and the actors attached to him in the case of a collision with the camera

Changing the camera location and rotation depending on a terrain on which the character is located

FOV control

Lock On Target functionality

Camera modes with many parameters

Camera mode scripts(scripts that will make the camera mode truly powerful and unique)

Camera Triggers for automatic switching of the camera modes

And very-very more!

Code Modules:

 AdvancedThirdPersonCamera (Runtime)

Number of C++ Classes: 20

Supported Development Platforms: All Platforms

Supported Target Build Platforms: All Platforms

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