If you plan to use this on Android please test the 4.25 example projects here first by downloading the folder and either running the .bat file if you have the ADB utility installed or copy the .APK onto your device and install it.

Please bear in mind there are a few engine bugs and limitations that affect Android in the UE4/UE5 engine versions after 4.24. If you are planning on releasing your app to the Google PlayStore I would recommend using an older version of Unreal like 4.23/4.24 which has much fewer issues affecting Android development, you can always go forward a version but it’s not possible to revert to an older version of UE4 if you encounter problems. Click here for information on the issues that affect Android.

Update: UE5 is now available! However, there are engine bugs that affect both Android and IOS so in most cases I would recommend continuing developing in UE4 for now if possible.

Technical Details


1 pawn blueprint

1 model blueprint

1 button blueprint

2 button state textures

5 widget blueprints (menu, UI, button, scale percentage, point cloud menu)

1 level



This kit was built on Windows 10 and tested on iPhone SE, iPhone XR, iPad 4th gen, Samsung Galaxy A7 & S7

Please note that before downloading this pack you must ensure you are testing on a device that supports AR and that you have the necessary prerequisites to allow packaging an AR project. Please test with the AR template project to ensure you have the correct setup to support packaging an AR project. Follow the guide here to get started with AR.

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