Make VR games quickly and easily. Auto Hand is a user-friendly, VR interaction system, which includes a posing system that automatically figures out what pose a hand should take when grabbing


šŸ– VR Physics Interaction made easy šŸ–

Auto Hand is a High-Quality physics interaction system that is designed to be user-friendly and highly customizable. Auto Hand includesĀ online documentationĀ and a setup wizard with quality options to assure the best quality based on your project’s constraints

Auto Hand includes an automatic pose generation system that will configure a hand’s shape on grab. Works well with all primitive colliders and mesh colliders!

Comes with a fully loaded movement controller that includes smooth movement, teleporting, climbing, static head collision guard systems.

VR physics interaction includes effects such as weight, collision, two-handed grabbing, pull-apart breaking events, high-quality throwing, distance grabbing. Physics-based gadgets, levers, sliders, doors, wheel, dial, and buttons examples. Auto Hand makes robust use of Unity Events and Tooltip documentation, making it a powerful and user-friendly tool.

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