This Pack is compatible with unreal engine’s sky atmosphere system.

Update 1.1 (Unreal 5 version):

Exposure set to min 1 max 1 (so disabled) if the nighttime is to light adjust your night time exposure

• Added fake cloud shadow light function

• Moon can be rotated on the sky



Atmospheric or Stylized Sky

Easily adjustable colors based on the time of day

Gradients from the Sun and Moon


Atmospheric or Stylized Sun

Variable size based on the time of day

Color curves

Sun Stripe animation for sunsets

Animation for Sun Rays, Sun Glares, and Sun Halos


Star Density

Color Curves

Day and Night visibility

Rotation on the sky

Animating glares and flares


Adjustable moon phase

Day and Night visibility

Color Curves

Moon Fresnel


Adjustable cloud shapes

Wind Movement

Color Curves

Cloud Masks

Top-Down Shading

Dynamic Shading based on the sun’s position

Detail Map

Cloud Highlights


Edge Glow

Cloud Distortion

Cloud’s edge hardness variation

Cloud gradients based on sun position

Technical Details

How to use:

Place the BP_CartoonSky_DayNightCycle into your scene. Select it and define your directional sunlight, directional moonlight, skylight,and height fog. Make sure your directional lights are atmospheric lights. Index of the sun is 0 the atmospheric sun index for the moon is 1

In the BP_CartoonSky_DayNightCycle select a type of cloud and set your Day Night Cycle speed

If you don’t want to use the day night cycle bp place the SM_CartoonSky mesh in the scene, after that create a material instance from M_CartoonSky and apply the instance to the mesh

In project settings enable ” Support Sky Atmosphere Affecting Height Fog “

Materials: 1 Master sky material and 6 instances

The electric poles are included with the package.


This asset is not a weather system yet. You can’t blend various weather effect. The shader is supporting it but there are no blueprints for them in place.

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