The updates 01 and 02 include a combined weapon mesh with magazine meshes and a blueprint tuned for that mesh.

The update also includes bonus animations.

Update 03 includes a character animation fix.

Realistic handgun with attachments. Contains example blueprints for assembly.

One handgun with 3 different fire modes, holo sight, laser/flashlight, compensator, and silencer. 

This project uses a material layering system, so you can give your weapon a different look with different patterns. You can also change only a tint.

Animated for the first person.

Important Note: All projects of the “CG series” are based on a common platform, but are not uniform. Each project has a specialized logic of its own one. The project was conceived not as a complete one, but as an asset pack. So that users can take animation and weapon models for themselves in a more advanced project. The blueprints for this project are configured for presentation only. But advanced developers can improve it.

Technical Detail


 One handgun with 3 different fire modes, and attachments.

 Character Animation Blueprint for the basic display of Animation.

 Materials and some sound set up.

Number of Meshes: 9 ( 1 SK, and 8 SM).

Collision: Yes. Custom.

Vertex Count: 137 – 15082 vertices per mesh.

LODs: Yes.

Animations: FP character has 36 Animations (Fire, Aim Down Sight, Idle, Reload, Full Reload, Run, Sprint, Jump, Walk, etc.)

The weapon has 9 Animations (Fire, Fire ADS, Reload, Full Reload, etc.)

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 3 Material layers, 3 Master materials, 2 Post-process materials, 8 Material instances, 13 Material instances variations.

Number of Textures: 23 textures, 8 reticles, 8 patterns.

Texture Resolutions: 6 – 4096×4096, 12 – 2048×2048, 2 – 1024×1024, 5 – 512×512, 8 – 256×256, 1 – 200×200, 1 – 64×64.

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

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