⚡ Create games faster with Climbing System. Add climbing abilities, get fluid movement and customize as you want. ⚡

• Have you ever tried to code climbing and traversal abilities and got stuck?

• Would like to create a game with climbing similar to Uncharted and Assassin’s Creed and don’t know where to begin?

• Do you want to focus on design and don’t want to spend too much time with hard and complex code?

✔ Climbing System is the solution for you!


USERS FROM VERSION 3.2 or below: Backup your project before update it, because this new version has completely changed core scripts!

PACKAGES DEPENDENCIES: In order to use this asset, you need to install 2 packages in your project: Cinemachine (v2.6.11 or higher) and Input System (v1.2.0 or higher)

IMPORTANT: This asset was designed to work with the new Input System. It supports the old Input System, but it’s highly recommended to use the new Input System.

NEW FEATURE: now you can climb freely around ledges and get free flow movement like Uncharted. ⚡

• Can be used with Character Controller or Rigidbody

• What games can I create with this?

With Climbing System you can create any 3rd person games. It’s a flexible package that allows you to adapt this to what you need.

• Which abilities are included in this package?

– Complete climbing abilities with free flow movement

– Ladder climbing

– Short Climb

– Vault

– Wall Run

– Locomotion and Strafe

– Crouch

– Roll

– Crawl

• Does it work for Mobile?

– Yes! It does!

• How long does it takes to create new characters?

– In seconds! You can simply use the character prefab and only change the model.

• Does it work with Humanoid characters?

Yes! It was designed to work with Humanoids.

• Does it work for generic characters?

No! It only works for humanoids.

• Is it ready for Network Multiplayer?

You can create custom script to allow it work for Multiplayer, but there is no ready setup for it.

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How to easily complete the offer?

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