Create your own Colony Sim game with this easy to use template! Many features are included like Building, Crafting, Colony Management, and much more!


Colony Simulator is a Unity template asset to create Colony Sim games.

This demo is set in a modern post-apocalyptic and deserted world, but you can use this engine to completely change the look and feel by editing prefabs, creating your own items and buildings, and creating custom actions and events.


-Desktop & Mobile controls (mouse, keyboard, touch).

-Building and Crafting

-Resource gathering

-Inventory system

-Selection system

-Automated colonist work actions

-Equipment and Weapons

-Character attributes (health, hunger, happiness…)

-Character classes (cook, hunter, builder…)

-Character xp and levels (farming, cooking…)

-Attacking and HP

-Enemies and Towers

-Traders to Buy/Sell items

-Factories for item production.

-Building Upgrades (level 1,2,3)

-Resources regeneration

-Tech Tree

-Event system


-Game clock, day/night cycle

-Save/Load system

More content will be added in the future, based on suggestions I receive. If you find any bugs or issues, contact me and I will look into fixing them as soon as possible.

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