✨ The Corgi Engine is the bestselling and most complete platformer solution for Unity.

It’s built around a tight (non physics based controls) character controller that will give your game the best possible experience. It’s very fast and works on desktop, mobile, and everywhere you want. Packed with features and constantly updated (70+ releases over the last 5 years), it’s the best tool to create the 2D + 2.5D platformer or run & gun game you want!

Whether you’re new to Unity, a seasoned developer or a studio, creating your first game or a commercial one, the engine will help unlock your game’s potential.

🎮 Features overview:

– A tight 2D character controller for your player, complete with collision detection, slope handling, movement, jumps, bounce, auto walk/run and walljumps ala Super Mario Run, double jumps (and as many more jumps as you like), ladders, ledge hanging and pulling, dangling, jetpack, weapons (melee, hitscan and projectile), combo weapons, auto aim, flight, time control, gliding, rolling along slopes, swimming, dash (horizontal and vertical), damage dash, pushing, pulling, handling damage (types, armor, resistance, etc), getting crushed, object carrying and throwing, running, crawling, looking up, down, taking fall damage, getting stunned, gliding on ziplines, swapping between characters, dynamically adjust gravity to match the current slope’s normal, expose speed data, persist between scenes, and more. Easy to control and tweak via the inspector to create your very own character. The game comes packed with different examples to get you started, along with video tutorials and a complete documentation.

– Packed with content, the asset is filled with more than 50 demo levels, and provides you with all you need : 300+ ready to use, handcrafted visual assets (and that you can actually use, not just placeholder art), 200+ optimized scripts, and tons of ready for production prefabs.

– Built-in game juice : the Corgi Engine comes with MMFeedbacks built-in, allowing you to improve your game feel natively with just a few clicks. Add up to 40 feedbacks to every action or event in your game : screen shakes, particles, damage text, sound, shader control, post process, wiggles, camera zoom, time control, flickers, and so much more.

– Includes the Inventory Engine, usually sold separately but offered with the Corgi Engine. Complete inventory management solution. Create inventories, items (collectables, usable, equippable, etc), ammo, customize and extend everything!

– Advanced AI system : create complex enemy, boss, or friendly AIs behaviors by combining actions (shoot, patrol, wait, etc) and decisions (enemy in sight, time, player direction, health, damage, etc) using only the inspector, no code needed!

– Camera and 2D parallax management, with tons of options : camera zoom, room confinement, parallax speed, direction…

– Everything you need to create your levels : gravity zones and points, moving platforms, jumpers, cannons, destructible crates, pressure pads, trees, keys and chest/doors, stairs, ladders, wind, water bodies, ice, treadmills, mud, one way levels, auto-scrolling levels, super metroid like levels with rooms and transitions or simpler Mario like sections, and more. The engine will let you create in many ways, either carefully handcrafted, or procedurally generated (there are examples of that too), everything’s possible! Also achievements, loot system, progress management, save and load, lives system, and tons of other useful stuff!

– Dialogue engine : a basic yet robust dialogue system, to add life to your NPCs!

– Hundreds of visual assets (platforms, trees, playable characters, levels, particle effects, animations, enemies…) ready to use in your 2D or 3D platformer

– Mobile controls that work everywhere, and support for all input systems supported by Unity. Also comes with new Input System package implementations.

– Native integrations with Unity’s best packages : Cinemachine, PostProcessing and PixelPerfect

– Single or multiplayer : the engine now supports local multiplayer (on the same machine), create coop or versus games super easily!

– More Mountains : as gifts to the community, the engine comes with Nice Touch, the Inventory Engine, and MMFeedbacks, three successful assets by More Mountains that will help make your game better.

– The whole codebase is heavily documented, and everything’s coded to be as easy to customize as possible. Creating your own 2D platformer has never been this fun!

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