Your NPCs will sleep, work or relax depending the time of day, add life to your worlds and save hundreds of hours with this easy to implement pack.

Perfect for RPGs or just anything that needs a lot of characters living their life


[NEW] Added a hunger system

Fixed issues with the showcase map nav-mesh

Main features:

 A day/night cycle that affects the behavior of the NPCs

Relax – an NPC with nothing else to do will sit on chairs, lean against walls or just hang around with other NPCs.

Work – the NPC will go to work in the hours of the day you set

Sleep – when you assign a bed to an NPC it will sleep there the hours you choose

(NEW) Eat – The NPCs will get hungry and search for food.

Drag & Drop so only basic knowledge is required to use this pack!

Easy to add animations and your own behaviors.

Simple behavior tree for expanding this pack.

Extra features:

 7 actors that the NPCs can interact with (You can create your own!)

Supports any kind of character/animations

 6 custom animations for easy prototyping

⚠ Important Notes:

Does not include combat, if you want it you will have to add your own / implement one from the marketplace.

The price of this pack will increase for each content update

It is recommended that you have basic knowledge of AI and animation if you plan to extend this pack

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