Animate gameObjects visually (move, shake, fade, rotate, change camera properties, and a lot more), draw paths in the editor and follow them, plus power-up DOTween’s core with extra features

Render pipeline compatibility


REQUIRES UNITY 2018.4/2019/2020/2021/2022 or higher (run its setup utility after installing to activate shortcuts and features based on your current Unity version).

IMPORTANT: if upgrading from a version older than 1.2.420, follow these instructions carefully.

DOTween Pro extends the free engine DOTween (which is included in this package), implementing new features both for scripting and visual scripting, including extra features for these external assets (if present):

TextMesh Pro (both paid and free version)

Easy Performant Outline (this is also included in the free version)

2D Toolkit


A Component that allows to animate some of its gameObject’s properties without scripting: Move, Fade, Color, Rotate, Scale, Punch, Shake, Text, Camera properties and more.

Works also with 2D Toolkit and TextMesh Pro objects.

Implements a smart setup that allows you to easily interact with the animations via Unity UI onClick events, and can preview animations without entering Play Mode.


A Component that allows you to animate its gameObject along a path.

NOTE: the visual path editor currently supports Linear (straight) or curved CatmullRom paths and Transform coordinates (UI paths not supported).

Implements a smart setup that allows you to easily interact with the animations via Unity UI onClick events.


An extra Component that can be added from a Path or Animation Editor. It allows to set additional actions to execute when its gameObject is activated or deactivated (especially useful when using a pooling system).


Additional shortcuts for TextMesh ProEasy Performant Outline and 2D Toolkit if present.

DOSpiral shortcut.

A low-level system to animate TextMesh Pro text per-character (skew, scale, rotate, shift).

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