DYNAMIC RADIAL MENU X is a truly dynamic menu that’s easily controlled using 2 data tables.

One is responsible for the aesthetics of the menu (menu size, styling, icon size, description font size, etc.) and the other is responsible for the content of the menu (categories, items, menu type, etc.).

DYNAMIC RADIAL MENU X is a fantastic learning resource that takes a deep dive into the math and the thought-process behind the “why”, not just the “how”. The key is to make sure the developer knows exactly what’s happening at each step of the process so they can:

Know and understand what’s happening in their own project,

Discover some best practices for organization, logic, optimization, etc. and

MAYBE learn some stuff about SIN, COS and unit circles that no kid in high school ever thought they needed to know 🤓

Throughout the asset when there’s a complex calculation happening, it is broken down piece by piece to help the developer walk through it by using example scenarios, numbers and calculations. When visuals are necessary, a very poor Bob Ross attempt with comment boxes is provided as supplementary learning material 😉

Technical Details

Number of Blueprints: 5 Core Blueprints (4 Widgets + 1 Component)






Textures: 95 Textures

28 Emotes

1 Background

24 Build Pieces

16 Gamepad/Keyboard Buttons

26 RGB Masks

Sounds: 6 WAV / 6 CUES






Materials: 2 Masters + 6 Instances 

M_Menu (MI_Sample1 – MI_Sample6)


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