This pack includes a set of 180 mocap animations for female general locomotion and a game character model. It’s suitable for building a seamless, third person perspective character movement for your game. The animations are universal, so you can use them in any setting you like, Sci-Fi, Fantasy etc.

You don’t have to retarget. The pack includes zipped FBX Source Files. Just import them straight to your UE4 skeleton – for example to Unreal Mannequin.

Animation List:

• walking

• running

• strafing

• crouch/sneak

• jumping

• climbing obstacles

• sliding

• avoiding obstacles

• environment interactions

Technical Details

• Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

• Texture Size: 8192 – character textures

• Collision: Ragdoll

• Vertex Count: 20.376

• LODs: No

• Number of Meshes: 8

• Number of Materials and Material Instances: 8

• Number of Textures: 20

• Intended Platform: All

• Platforms Tested: PC

• Documentation Included: No

• Important\Additional Notes: The character and animations are baked on Epic skeleton, which was adjusted to female proportions (narrower shoulders).

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