Playable Female Shooter character template with dual-gun setup for your third person game.

Works as a base to quickly assemble your game character and speed up your development workflow.


Ready-to-use Character Blueprint example (female mannequin included)

Component based blueprint + modular sub-graph animations

Pre-arranged Gamepad and Keyboard/Mouse inputs (input placed inside the Character Blueprint).

Fully arranged default animations and blueprints (101 animations + 9 blendspaces) (animations can be replaced from the character blueprint)

Projectile shooting system with separate gunhand control and recoil

Directional gun aim/shoot animations

Multi-weapon equipment setup

Placeholder guns, holsters, muzzle flash, bullet trail, hit effect, flashlight, equipments

Placeholder SFX

Independent gun actor and system

Gunspinning and recoil effect

High heels adjustment

Camera manager

Optional UI component

Showcase/Demo maps

The following actions can be immediately performed without further adjustment to the Blueprints:

run/walk (in normal and strafe mode)

crouch + crouch walk (in normal and strafe mode)


double jump + somersault (modify the parameter to choose which one should be performed)

roll (8-direction)

equip/unequip gun (with either normal or gunspinning style)

shoot (customizable shooting pattern)


weapon set load/pickup

switch weapons [hip holster] – [torso holster] – [back holster]

basic Item interaction (for demo purposes)

Make sure to try the demo first to get a feel on how the character plays.

For those who have purchased the product, demo map is included in Content/FemaleShooter/Map/Map06

Technical Details


2 Example Characters + Animation Blueprints (Gamepad + Keyboard/Mouse input support)

101 Character Animations + 9 Blendspaces

Dual projectile shooting system (each hands can be controlled individually)

Locomotion (run, walk, crouch, jump, roll, double jump/somersault)

Shooting functionality (equip/unequip guns, aim, shoot)

Multi-weapon setup, carry, and swap (default placement on hip, torso, and back)

Directional aim and shooting

Gunspinning and recoil effect

Customizable ammo, equipment set, and shooting pattern

High heels

Placeholder equipments (5 guns, 3 holsters, 2 headgear, 2 body armor, 1 heels)

Placeholder particle effects (muzzle flash, bullet trail, hit impact)

Placeholder flashlight

Placeholder SFX

Shooting cans

Target circle with health/damage system

Item pickup

Camera manager

Demo map

Modular component and animation approach

Rigged to Epic skeleton:

Yes (+ additional sockets for equipment and guns)

IK bones are included:


Number of Animations:

101 animations + 9 blendspace

Animation types (Root Motion/In-place):


Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Untested

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