Fluffy is a complete grooming solution fur and short hair in the Unity Editor. It also supports Alembic hair and fur created in third party applications.

Render pipeline compatibility


Both strand based and card based fur is supported. The hair shading is based on Disney’s Marschner model and the solution supports all 3 rendering pipelines. The tool works in a similar way as Maya’s xGen and similar solutions.

Fluffy supports alpha sorting so you can use transparent materials with correct z-sorting. It works with any shader, so you don’t have to create any custom shaders to use it. The solution has gravity, wind, physics and colliders built in and the simulations are done using compute shaders so it’s very fast.

You can make everything from AAA grooms for high end PC’s and consoles to simpler fur that works well on mobile devices.

Blend shapes and HDRP ray tracing also works out of the box.

The grooms you create can also be exported to a mesh/skinnedMesh so it can be used to create bushes, grass patches and so on. This option also lets you use it on platforms that don’t support compute shaders. There is also LOD & frustum culling support.

Fluffy includes a large selection of brushes and features for grooming: Length, Width, Rotate Root, Orient, Twist, Attract, Smooth, Reset, Mask, Mask Clumps, Raise, Motion & Wind, Color painting.

The fur or hair can be added and groomed in separate layers and you can add multiple layers of clumping.

In addition to the in engine grooming solution, Fluffy also supports Alembic grooms so you can import hair and fur from third party applications like Maya, Blender etc. and render it in Unity. The Alembic functionality is currently in beta, meaning it hasn’t gone through the same beta testing period as the Fluffy

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