This Genshin Impact-styled Character Shader is a Blender node group for EEVEE heavily inspired by the character shader used in the video game Genshin Impact.  Easily give your models a beautiful anime appearance with fully customizable artificial subsurface scattering, subsurface color, shadow color, and rim lights.  Add metallic reflection and specular matcaps as well with full support for texture maps.

The shader will continue to be updated for new Blender releases.

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Have full color control of your material’s color, shadows, shadow ramps, rim lights, alpha, and more

Adjust base color and shadow tint

Add artificial subsurface scattering with fully customizable colors and dimensions

Add an artificial rim light with customizable intensity, color, and size

Add metallic and specular matcaps with full texture map support

Add alpha/transparency with full support for texture maps

Use a custom Genshin Impact-themed background for your renders

Designed from the ground-up for EEVEE

Package Includes

.blend File (created with Blender 2.92, supports Blender 3.0)

Genshin Shader node group

17-page instruction manual with pictures for getting started and using the shader to its full potential

Includes recommendations for optimal rendering setup and several tips and tricks to get a better render

8 sample presets

Example file using miHoYo’s official Noelle MMD model (exclusively for educational and demonstrative purposes; model not included)

Geo character screen background (changeable color)

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