GunWorks is a dynamic GUI driven gun customization tool utilizing a structure similar to M-V-P (model-view-presenter). At the very center of ColorCore sits the GunWorks material. It consists of 279 shader instructions for dynamic only lighting. With ColorCore, any preset can be loaded onto any other gun so long as it’s equipped with the proper maps as detailed in our overview video HERE. We currently have the guns split into parts in preparation for modular attachments, but it is compatible with whole-model guns as well. GunWorks aims to be a core functionality tool that enables others to quickly integrate modular guns into their games. In a future release we plan to include a full part-swapping UI.

List of Features:
•Highly customizable GunWorks material
•Dynamically generated GUI shelf system for gun material communication
•Hue/Saturation/Value/Misc sliders for easy color and material modification
•Dynamically generated icon buffer for ‘next gun’ icon selection
•Saving/Loading presets system

Technical Details

Scaled to Epic skeleton: Yes

Physically-Based Rendering: Yes

Collision: Yes, physics asset collision.

LOD’s: N/A.

Documentation: Coming Soon.


•23x Widget Blueprints

•7x classes

•7x interfaces

•5x structs

•4x enums

•4x Weapon

•3x Tutorial

•2x libraries

•2x saves

•2x Characters

•1x Mode

•1x Environment

•1x Controller


•24x Gun Parts

•9x Paintbooth environment meshes

•1x GunWorks Gun Tag

•1x Gun Tag Chain

•1x UVBias Cube


•13x UI Materials

•11x Environment Materials

•1x GunWorks Material

•1x GlobalScaleBiasAlignment Material

•1x Gun Tag Material

•1x Gun Tag Chain Material

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