Good spawning makes a good gameplay.

Influence Spawn System is part of a competitive multiplayer game mode that controls spawn of player characters or ai characters, choosing the best point for spawn. Similar systems are used in many multiplayer games such as Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield, Titanfall.

Spawn near teammates and far from enemies.

With this system, you can create the right conditions for player spawning so that they spawn near teammates and far from enemies. The main feature of the spawn system is the weight of a spawn point. Weight changes when interacting with influences. Influences are areas that is shape (cylinder). Influences are attached to owners. Owners can be players, domination capture points, and other objects on a level. If a spawn point is located in influence areas, this influence affected a spawn point weight. 

Easy for integration.

Influence Spawn System has flexible customisation properties. It is easy for integrated and compatible with any game mode system. It has the user guide which includes provides comprehensive information about the system. Based on only blueprints. Support network replication.

Technical Details

The pack doesn’t include complete game mode logic. The spawn system interacts with the demo game mode system. The package consists of the spawn system component as the main content. 

Spawn Point

Start spawn point

Common spawn point

Base weight

Random offset 

Spawn cooldown

Override on level


Ally bias 

Enemy forbid

Dead teammate

Game mode

Base influence weight

Distance curve

Size properties

Game mode influence effect type

Dead teammate life time

Debug Toolset

Drawn influences shape

Separated daring on each type

Drawn spawn point 

Draw team id

Respawn log

Test Systems

Test game mode system

Test team base mode

Test free for all mode

Test respawn system

Supported Platforms: PC, MAC

Documentation: Link in description

Number of Blueprints: 15

Input Mappings: Keyboard, Mouse

Network Replicated: Yes

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