Inventory is a highly flexible tool made for Game Creator that allows to easily create items, manage inventories and craft using recipes

Inventory is an extension for Game Creator and won’t work without it.


– NEW! Hotbar to give quick-access to items

– Containers store scene items

– Loot Tables: randomized item drops

– Create items with one click

– Complete and flexible crafting system

– Easily equip your characters with objects – Customizable inventory UI

– Automatic Save & Load

– Built-in Shop functionality to sell and buy


With Game Creator you’ll have access to an ever growing number of modules.

• Dialogue

• Quests

• Stats

• Behavior

• Shooter

• Melee

• Traversal

These modules have been carefully crafted so they seamlessly integrate with your game using Game Creator‘s Module Manager.


Full Source Code

Two examples of inventory:

– Adventure Inventory UI

– RPG Inventory UI

– Example scene showing the main features

Complete set of new Actions:

– Items: Add and Substract

– Currency: Add and Substact

– Inventory UI: Open/Close the inventory interface

– Recipe: Select two items from the inventory and produce some fancy result

– Merchants: Buy and Sell items for currency

– Containers: Store and retrieve items from chests

– Loot Tables: Easily create randomized item drops

– Instantiate Item: Drop items so you can pick them up again (or make them explode. Up to you!)

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