Designed & Suitable for Gaits of both Male and Female Characters.

Over 130 Ladder and Ledges Motion Capture Animations included:

Move Up and Down Ladder with fluid motions

Mount and Un-Mount Ladders from the Top and Bottom

Jump to and from Ladder as well as the ability to Land on Ladders

Move on 360 Degree Left, Right, Up, Down, Left Up, Right Up, Down Left, Down Right on a vertical wall.

Mount the wall and climb off at the top

Ground locomotion and jumping animations are included.

Additional animations like grabbing and pulling boxes and many jumping, falling and landing variations.

Technical Details


143 Ladders and Ledges Animations

The animations are suited for most games (platformers, adventures, action, etc.)

Easily implementable to make a full controller

Scaled to Epic Skeleton: Yes

Rigged: Yes

Rigged to Epic Skeleton: Yes

Animated: Yes

Number of Characters: Includes Mannequin

Number of Animations: 143

Animation Types (In-place and Root Motion): Mostly Root Motion (Up and Down Hill animations use in-place for easy additive blending.)

Supported Development Platforms: PC, PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch.

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC, PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch.

Important/Additional Notes: Animations that contain root motion are included in the pack, these are for when the character needs to move over a ledge or around it or there is a specific change in direction needed. Please let us know if you require any other animations with Root Motion and we can arrange to update them accordingly.

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