This asset is a simulation of LED Pixel Bar for Live stage or Club, and so on.

Control with external DMX and internal DMX.

Internal DMX use DMX Pixel Mapping that pick color from animated material.

The case of internal DMX just drag preset(sublevel) to Sequencer, you can build like a Demo scene.

*Because DMX Pixel Mapping can’t control Material Instance in sequencer(specification of UE4), the material is controlled with Material Parameter Collection.

*Layout in DMX Pixel Mapping can’t angle(specification of UE4).

Confirmed operation on UE5 Preview 1.

*Sound Cue is not playback correct position(maybe UE5’s bug).

*The sound of 01_Demo.umap does not play correctly, but it does not affect the assets.


Ryzen9 5900X / RTX3070 / Engine Scalability Settings: Cinematic

1Universe: 120fps(170LEDs) / 2Universe: 90-120fps(320LEDs) / 4Universe: 65-105fps(680LEDs) / 8Universe: 40-80fps(1360LEDs) / 10Universe: 35-70fps(1700LEDs)

Technical Details


-Type: 4(All / Checker / Gradation1 / Gradation1)

-Color: 51(Color / 3 Band Color/ Flash / HueSFhit)

-FX: 10(Random / Strobe)

-Gradation Pattern: 37(Motion / Divide / Speed)

-Checker Pattern: 11(Dvide / Speed)

LODs: No

Number of Blueprints: 2(BP_LED_Pixel_Bar / BP_PixelMapping)

Number of Materials: 5(LED*4 / Pattern*1)

Number of Material Instances: 4(LED*4)

Number of Material Functions: 7(Pattern*7)

Number of Material Parameter Collection: 1(Pattern*1)

Number of Textures: 2(Pattern*2) Texture Sizes: 512

Number of Static Mesh: 1(LED*1)

Number of Level Sequence: 4(Type)+51(Color)+10(FX)+37(Gradation Pattern)+11(Checker Pattern)

And some for the DEMO Scene

Intended Platform: Windows

Platforms Tested: Windows

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