URP / HDRP Support: Use these packages (free for anybody with access to the Ultra Pack): HDRP and URP

Already own a LPS pack? Uprage to this pack at a discounted price!

Six packs in a single package! Asia, Desert, Woodlands ,Winter, Forest and Tropical Islands at an unbeatable price! Build your own environments with easy drag’n’drop: all assets come with a fitting collider and prefabs.
Or use the 6 vast, prebuilt demoscenes that are included (see the screenshots).

Performance: All 6 environments share 1 material and 1 texture, so you even can mix them and Unity can still batch the drawcalls together.

– Texture Size: 2048px, looks good down to 512px
– Polycounts of all meshes here
– 336 prefabs

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