Lux Water is a simple yet robust solution to render water surfaces, which is focused on giving you reliable results as far as refraction, reflection and lighting are concerned.

Rendering Features
• Physically based shading including subsurface scattering
• Dual depth based color absorption
• Dual depth based underwater fog
• High precision refraction
• Cube map based and real time planar reflections
• Real time lit screen space caustics – no projectors are harmed (caustics work best using deferred rendering)
• Dynamic shoreline foam
• Simple Gerstner waves and dynamic foam caps
• Water volumes which allow you to create smooth transitions between above and below water surface rendering
• Water projectors which allow you to add local foam as well as local normals (and displacement)
• Tessellation and projected displacement
• Support for orthographic cameras
• Deep water rendering

Lux Water has been successfully tested on DX11 and OpenGLCore. Metal is fully supported since version 1.05. DX9, LWRP, URP and HDRP are not supported.
Since version 1.2 Lux Water offers basic support for VR tested in Unity 2019.4, using DX11, forward rendering, MockHDM and Oculus Rift. Other configurations may not be supported. Advanced features such as planar reflections and additional shaders provided may also not be supported in VR.

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