UE5 Mixamo Animation Retargeting 2 is an editor plugin that helps integrating Mixamo assets (exported from Auto-Rigger, 3D Characters, 3D Animations) into Unreal Engine 5.

With a few clicks, it allows you to use any Mixamo animation with any UE5 character, and use any UE5 animation with any Mixamo character. In addition, it makes possible to use Root Motion animations on Mixamo characters and create Root Motion animations from Mixamo In-Place animations.

Technical Details

• Editor plugin.

• No third party code.

• Supports all Mixamo skeletons.

• Supports the classic UE4 Mannequin skeleton.

• Supports the new UE5 Mannequin skeleton.

• Supports the MetaHuman skeleton.

• Automatic setup of Translation Retargeting options.

• Automatic setup of IK Rig assets, including Full Body IK solvers (available also for run-time usage).

• Automatic setup of IK Retarget assets, handling retargeting in both directions (from UE5 characters to Mixamo and vice versa).

• Analytical computation of the exact Retarget Base Pose. Some bones preserve the original component space orientation to account for differences between Mixamo and UE Mannequin reference poses.

• Addition of the Root bone to the Mixamo skeletons to enable support for Root Motion animations.

• End results can be hand-tuned if needed (read more).

• Animation Retargeting is done with the standard editor pipeline, using the IK Retargeter editor.

• Conversion of Mixamo animations to UE5 root motion animations (both “normal” animation and “in-place” animation are needed for the computation – read more).

Intended Platforms: Windows, Mac

Platforms Tested: Windows, Mac

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