MK Glow is a post processing effect, which simulates the bright surface scattering of light. It allows you to create an uniquely stylized glow including bloom, lens surface, lens flare and glare.


One of a kind glow shader: If you are looking for an out of the ordinary bloom or glow solution, MK Glow gives your project the unique touch.

Intuitive workflow: The artist-friendly workflow is exactly the same on every render pipeline or post processing api, after the setup is done.

Flexible features: You can add multiple layers of features to customize the glow, including bloom, lens surface dirt & diffraction, lens flare and glare.


Main Features

Bloom: Creates fringes of light extending from the borders of bright areas in an image.

Lens surface: Apply a dirt and a diffraction texture, which fades in into the glow.

Lens flare: Generate procedural lens flares including halo, ghosts and presets.

Glare: Creates glare light streaks, which fades into the glow based on a blending. Also presets are available.

Stylization: Fine tune the result in terms of quality and performance using a wide variety of options.

Blooming: Further enhance the glowing parts to give scene a more bloomy look.

Luma Scale: Mix relative luminance into the glow for a more stylized or realistic look.

Anamorphic: Morph the glow to create an anamorphic flair.

Resolution scaling: Same outcome independent from the screen size and resolution.

Additional shaders: Basic Sprite & UI shaders with emission are included.

Mobile compatible: performing at a reasonable tradoff in terms of quality and performance.

Setup for every possible post processing API

– Built-in: Legacy Image Effects Pipeline (Component on Rendering Camera)

– Built-in: Post Processing Stack

– Universal: Integrated Post Processing API via Scriptable Renderer Feature

– Universal: Scriptable Renderer Feature Only (skip the Post Processing API entirely)

– High Definition: Integrated Post Processing API

Two intuitive workflows

Threshold: Make things glow based on the pixels brightness & threshold & emission.

Natural: No color cuttoff, no thresholding, just like real life, a very realistic behavior (Energy-Conserving), just raise the emission.

⚙️Included Tools⚙️

Install wizard: Fast setup even on scriptable Render Pipelines.

Builtin textures: Start easy by using the included textures for different features.

Custom editor: Easy to use inspector tweaked towards artists.

Render pipeline compatibility: Same look & feel & results across all render pipelines.


Space: Moving Asteroids showcasing overall glow.

Spectate: Inspect specific objects.

Cubes: Moving colored cubes.

Setup: Simple setup for 3D, Sprite and UI.

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