Over 200 modular architectural parts – base blocks, walls, floors, arches, railings, columns, staircases and more;

Ruined versions of main elements – walls, floors, arches etc;

A set of props – furniture, barrels, mugs, potions, books and more;

Lighting related objects – torches, candles, candlesticks and more;

Doors, bars and fences;

2 demo levels.

All architectural parts work with grid snapping.

All meshes are highly optimized and the textures are combined in atlases.

Additional info:

The screenshots and demo levels are made in EU4.17. Included demo levels might look slightly different in previous versions of UE4.

Latest update info:

Added over a 100 new meshes;

Reworked 1-st person set;

Added ruined versions of base blocks, floors, arches etc;

Improved fire effects of torches and candles;

Added new demo level.

Technical Details

Physically-Based Rendering: Yes

Texture Sizes: 2048×2048 – 2; 1024×1024 -2; 512×512 -5;

Collision: Yes – custom;

Vertex Count: 8 – 3500 per mesh;

LODs: No. The meshes are highly optimized, no LODs required;

Number of Meshes: 350

Number of Materials: 7 materials, 14 instances

Number of Textures: 20

Intended Platform: Desktop

Documentation Included: Yes

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