Package contains over 200 prefabs to build fantasy Gothic style dungeons. Most assets support one-unit grid snapping providing quicker modular workflow.

Package contains:
– Over 200 assets including props
– 60 pre-made modules
– Visual effects of fog and fire
– Demo scenes
– Atlased textures

Update 1.1
30 new models:
Arch alley set, buttress, tall arch, stair decor, railing elements, arched wall corners.
16 architecture presets, 1 module preset.

Update 1.2
Over 100 new models:
11 furniture models
54 items (books, potions, flasks, barrels etc)
27 presets of furniture with items.
Wall presets has been replaced with single-mesh models.
20+ new wall models.
The demo level has been extended.
All meshes has been optimized.

Update 1.3
Improved usability for 1-st person projects.
Over 70 new models:
1-st person set – ceiling parts, walls, complete staircases, arches, and more.
New doors, damaged bars, rounded stairs.

Update 1.4
DunGen support
New rooms and tiles

Update 1.5
“1-st person” set reworked and improved to be compatible with the rest of the pack
Added over a 100 new prefabs
Improved fire effects
Added new demo level (1-st person)

Update 1.6
Added mobile version
Better secondary UVs to allow lightmap resolution of 5 and above
Collisions replaced with convex shapes for better physics performance

Update 1.7
Fixed scale problems
Minor fixes and additions

Update 1.8
Added HDRP and LWRP versions

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