Feels like a part of Unreal

Quests and Dialogues are just like any blueprint you’ve ever used, but with the addition of the Quest and Dialogue graphs, much like Widget Blueprints or Anim Blueprints.

Narrative is designed to be as easy to drop into your game as possible. Add a Narrative Component to your player, and that’s it. Start making Quests/Missions and Dialogues right away.

Narrative Dialogue Editor

Most dialogue systems feel fake because it doesn’t seem like NPCs remember what you’ve told them, or adapt their dialogue options as they get to know you better. Because Narrative remembers EVERY dialogue option you’ve ever selected, NPCs can easily remember things you’ve told them (or even others) in the past, and adapt with your player.

Most dialogue systems are also too rigid and difficult to customize. Narrative lets you override its functionality easily via blueprints to add your own custom features like playing facial animations – but if you need to make more complex changes the full source code is available in C++ and is well documented.

Narrative Quest Editor

Missions or Quests often fall short because they feel too straightforward, and don’t offer any choice. To combat this Narrative uses a state machine based system which allows you to have quests that can be failed or succeeded, have multiple different endings, or multiple different ways of completing a the same step.

Players can play quests together, or have their own local Quests. You can have as many active quests as you want, and easily grab and read quests and see their progression from blueprints at any time.

Persistent Worlds

When you reopen your game, it needs to be just as you left it. Your NPCs need to remember you’re still doing their quest. Your game might need to remember you took that item and no longer spawn it in, or killed an NPC and no longer spawn them in. Since Narrative remembers everything the player has done, it makes these features trivial.

Networking Built In

Networking works right out of the box. Your single player quests will work in multiplayer with no changes required, and you can even have multiple players work on the same quest together via Shared Quests.

Technical Details


 Fully Networked: Server Authoritative Quests and Dialogues

 Shared Quests: Play Quests together online or locally with friends via the Shared Quests system

 Quest/Dialogue Designers: Use the designers to create your own quests and dialogue

Works with C++ and Blueprint: Easy to use Blueprint nodes for BeginQuest, RestartQuest, etc. Grab all failed, succeeded, in progress quests etc.

Supports complex Quests: Create quests with multiple different ways to complete, multiple different endings, etc.

Dialogue Conditions: Conditionally Add or Remove dialogue options from a dialogue

Dialogues and Quests work together seamlessly: Start a quest when a dialogue option is selected, or create quests where the player has to select a dialogue option as a step in the quest

Save System: Narrative remembers every task the player has completed, every dialogue line ever played, and every quest the player had in progress.

Code Modules:

 Narrative (Runtime Module)

 NarrativeQuestEditor (Editor Module)

 NarrativeDialogueEditor (Editor Module)

Number of Blueprints: 11

Number of C++ Classes: 66

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development/Target Build Platforms: Only windows officially supported, but all should work


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