Includes a fully customizable player character complete with 21 animation states and editable parameters for every individual action. Features multiple heavily commented blueprints that allow for easy customization .

Want some graphics to go with this kit? My pixel platformer tileset is the perfect companion, being 100% compatible with this pack , but can also be used stand-alone

Technical Details

Movement System

Full On-screen touch controls

Customizable movement speed,acceleration and more.


Multi/Wall Jump

Wall Slide



Combat System

Melee Attack and Ranged Attack

Timed Block

Multiple enemy varieties

XP and level-up

Collect and swap weapons

Timed Power-ups Item Drop System



Moving Platforms

Save/Load Game

Enemy loot Drops

Floating Combat Text for player & enemies Health & Damage System

Dynamic Health HUD for the player & enemies

Fully Functional damage system

Colour tinting, temporary invulnerability and knock-back effects after taking damage

Audio SFX

Menu System

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