A low poly asset pack of characters, buildings, props, items and environment assets to create a fantasy based polygonal style game.

Modular sections are easy to piece together in a variety of combinations.

Include a demo scene (Character poses indicative only).

Technical Details

265 unique assets with x4 alternative texture colours.
• Regular Trees x16
• Pine Trees x3
• Birch trees x3
• Dead trees x2
• Modular Building pieces x7
• Unique Fences x2
• Market Stalls x4
• Flowers x8
• Ground mound sections x10
• Hills x4
• Rocks x16
• Pebbles x7
• Plants x5
• Reeds x3
• Modular path sections x4
• Modular stream sections x4
• Weapons x9
• Wine Bottles x8
• Log
• Tree Stump
• Well
• Bridge
• Stone block
• Table
• Crate
• Barrel
• Open Crate
• Chest
• Log Pile
• Log Seat
• Cart
• Water bottle
• Water bladder

5 Unique characters with x3 alternative texture colors
• Warriors – Vikings
• Knights
• Peasants
• Shopkeepers

Characters are setup to work with Unreal character system. (No animations included in this pack)

Winter versions of most assets with custom snow included.

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