A low poly asset pack of characters, buildings, props, items and environment assets to create a fantasy based polygonal style game.

Modular sections are easy to piece together in a variety of combinations.

Includes a demo scene (Character poses indicative only)

This pack contains:

Unity 5.6.0 Project

Unreal 4.14 Project

Source Files (.fbx, .obj)

245 unique assets with x4 alternative texture colors.
– Modular Temple set
– Modular House Set
– Modular Japanese Castle Set
-JuMonji Yari
-Bo Staff
-Zen Lantern
-Vegetables x8
-Training Pole
-Tables x3
-Fan x5
-Bucket x2
-Bucket Pole
-Trees x4
-Stepping Stones
-Modular Pond
-Rice Plants x2
-Lillypads x4
-Mt Fuji
-Clouds x3
-Bamboo x6

7 Unique characters with x3 alternative skin and colour variations
– Geisha
– Samurai Grunt
– Samurai Warrior
– Sensei
– Ninja
– Village Man
– Village Woman

Character setup to work with Mecanim (no animations included in this pack)

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