Pro Game Menu – This is a high-quality game menu containing settings for graphics, controls, sound, as well as a complete system for saving all levels and necessary object

Technical Details

Peculiar properties:

Easy to use and easy to set up

The selection of the characters

Changing the language

Full documentation

Very simple extension

Full keyboard and mouse support

Control, display, graphics, and audio settings

Save and load your regular game settings

Saving and loading games in slots

Easily add new data to save

Auto save event and after game time

Quick Save Game

Quick Load Game

Custom names for savegames

Overwriting saves

Automatic saving of all levels

Save all the connected objects on the Level

Full data migration when switching to other levels

Animated loading screen

Fully 100% blueprint

No plugins or C++ required!

Current version 1.9

Number of UMG 17

Input: Gamepadkeyboard, mouse.

Replicated Network: None

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