A collection of extremely flexible and customizable easy-to-use HUD features.

A HUD serves as a bridge for communication between the game and its players and is an essential part of the positive user experience. This HUD pack gives you a few significant and easy-to-use tools that can help you communicate important information within the game to your players. In addition to navigational means of communication (such as compass or minimap), there are various means of notification to provide the player with information. Example scenarios would be, a player loots, a player gets a task, a player character becomes stronger (or weaker), a player character has to find a place etc. – With numerous preset options, a style guide option and setting options with the HUD nodes at runtime you have a strong foundation to communicate your gameplay to your players.

Technical Details

Features V2:

Compass + Marker System

Minimap + Marker System

World Marker System

Crosshair System + Hit Feedback

Mission Notification

Update Notification

Option Notification

Pickup Notification

Progress Notification

Primary Notification

Tutorial Notification

HUD Effects (Black Screen / Highlight / Damage Effect)

Additional Notes:

It was deliberately omitted a health indicator and weapon display,

as these would be too different and varied in design and structure.

Number of Blueprint Classes: 49

Number of Master Materials: 19

Number of Material Instances: 29

Number of Textures: 131

Number of Widgets: 55

Fonts (Open Font License): Roboto / Roboto Cnd / Exo2 / Barlow Cnd

Network replicated: No, HUD & Widget classes are completely clientside

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Mac

V1 is available in UE versions 4.21 and below

V2 is available in UE versions 4.22 and above


This system is purely cosmetic (UI / HUD) and does not replace the implementation of a gameplay system. Before you purchase, please make sure you are familiar with using blueprints to handle your gameplay together with this asset.

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