With this Blueprint you can easily bring life to your projects. Project images or videos with sound in your game or archviz. Project contains an example setup of replicated interaction with the third person character.


Update #7: (23 and higher)

Widgets – you can add any widget on top of the projected image which adds tons of new possibilities. These widgets are shown in realtime even in the editor!

Media controls – video can be played and paused directly in the editor from the details panel.

Sequencer – it is much easier to use the projector in sequencer by using media tracks. This way you have a realtime preview even in the editor + the playback speed is always correct when rendering a sequence

A lot of small fixes and optimizations


Media player does not work on DX12 in UE5 – this is an engine bug and until it is fixed by epic you can use DX11 to play a video

Update #6:

Edge blending feature added.

Improved text features.

Media with alpha channel are now supported.

Update #5:

A lot of code was refactored to optimize the performance. Every projector can now be linked to a different projector which acts as a media source.

This allows to have a big multi-projection made of many projectors while using the same amount of CPU power as if there was only one.

New events were added to control the media independently from the projector state.

Update #4:

Horizontal lens shift added

Warm Up time variable added

Multi-projector blending added – you can now use multiple projectors to project a single image.

Update #3: (4.22 and higher)

The whole code was refactored. No shipping/edit mode anymore – it will just package as it should 🙂

Throw ratio is being used to control the image size.

You can choose light units in the details panel.

Text positions are defined as a percentage of the screen instead of direct values.

Refresh rate has been added. This means you can control how often the image updates. For static images

you can set the value to 1 to save computing power.

Update #2:

added a vertical lens shift to project up or down from the forward axis (the distortion has to be corrected with the keystone correction)

the Turn Off screen is now optional

the example map now includes a “Live cam” using a scene capture

Update #1:

Keystone correction to project image on an angled surface

Automatic flipping of the image when the projector is upside down

Automatic color of the volumetric light effect

Important (old version only):

If you are packaging via File > Package Project then all projectors in all levels have to be set to shipping.

That’s because this command packages every level in your project regardless if it is being used or not. So set them to shipping also in the example map or you can delete that map if you want.

A better and proper way is to package via Window > Project Launcher where you can make a packaging profile and select only specific levels to package.

Technical Details


 supports images or videos (also scene captures)

 plays video sound

multi-projector blending

 dynamic light functions

volumetric light and shadow

automatic volumetric light color

customizable appearance

custom resolution

keystone correction

vertical and horizontal lens shift

image flipping when upside down

custom text overlay

actual date and time overlay

turn off screen

lamp warm up

network replicated

VR ready (For windows platform – tested on Rift and Vive)

includes a Kite Demo image, a streamable video link and 3rd person character for demo purpose

Number of Blueprints: 1

Input: No

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: Windows

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows

Important/Additional Notes:

For demo purpose the example project uses Blueprint interface and a few extra functions on the character for the interactions. Feel free to use your own logic. You can replace “Event Interact” with whatever suits you.

If you experience any problems or need help with something please write me an email and I will gladly fix it.

And please don’t forget to rate the product.

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