Added a new Parameter so you can easily boost the emissive color – Emissive_Boost

Update 2 – Effects can now be scaled and the sprites size and velocity will adjust with it.

Update 1 – Added Smoke with controls and Military Jet style afterburner effect.

12 Rocket Thruster Exhaust effects for Vehicles (Spacecraft, Spaceships, Rockets, Cars etc), all particle systems are made in Niagara and are set to local space to follow moving vehicles better. (Small particulates are set to world space to improve the overall quality, but the whole system can be set to world space if desired.)

All Niagara FX systems have User controlled variables for Customization of each individual part of the effect.

All FX are optimized and loop continuously.

Technical Details


 15 Niagara systems

 5 Niagara Emitters

Type of Emitters: GPU and CPU

Number of Unique Effects: 13

Number of Materials: 5 Materials

Number of Textures: 9

Supported Development Platforms: Windows/Console

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