This is the RPG System: All-In-One, the only one you’re going to need, all features of a full RPG game in one Framework. 

Fully Customizable, easy to Integrate and Multiplayer ready!

Use one of the two pre-made examples (Top-Down | Third-Person) or implement it into your own Character, there is no restriction.


Major Update 3:

Quest System – A highly customizable Sandbox-Like Quest System, keeps track of specific Variables (Custom Variables) and can trigger events/communicate with other objects without any Object References! (Custom Dispatcher)

Personal Storage System – A Storage system to store all the trash goodies

Party System – Party system to be able to quest together (Invite, Kick, Change Leader)

Chat System – A must-have Chat System to chat with buddies (All, Party, Whisper)

Custom Dispatcher/Variable System – Reference-less way to communicate between Objects, can be used to create any type of puzzles/quests/events

and more Improvements!

Major Update 2:

Shop System – Dynamic Shop System with a optional restock timer and the ability to rebuy sold Items

Multiplayer Save System – New Save System which is now capable of storing the saves on the Server and accepting local save files from clients to be loaded

Extended and Improved Drop System – Improved the algorithm and added the ability to create large loot pools, limit the tries of dropping an Item and how many Items can be dropped

Skill System Improvement – Added a new feature to the Skill System that executes the AoE Damage dealing without stopping the game thread, it improves the performance a lot if a large amount of AI (30+) gets hit at once

Item Amount Selector Widget – Split your stackable Items, Buy/Sell or drop only a portion of your stack

and more AI Improvements!

Major Update 1:

Companion System – Permanent AI that fights with you on your side, can levelup, wear Items, spendable stats and a Skill tree!

Summoner/Minion System – Temporary AI with premade stats and skills that fight with you until they die. (Useful for Summoner/Necromancer classes)

Pet System – Unlock Pets from Pet Cubes(droppable), they can have Stat bonuses and autoloot specific ItemTypes.

and a lot of other changes! (Please check out the changelog)



Class System – Dynamic Class System which provides Stat bonuses and Skills for each class. It supports multiple classes on one character

Damage System – Melee, Ranged, Physical/Magical, Elements, Defense, Flee, Block, Hit rate, Critical Chance…

Dynamic Class System Multi-Class, Base Stats, Stat Modifier, Skill Tree

Skill System Offensive, Passive, Buffs, Casting, Cooldown, Aoe, Single Target, Upgrades, Overheat mechanic, Modules to create own skills

Skill Tree – Manage your Skills and gain Skill Points per level up

Stat / Attack / Element Bonus Scale your stats based on Item Level, Rarity and other parameters

Leveling System – Each level up gives you Stat and Skill Points

Character / Spendable Stats – Increase your Stats by investing Stat Points

Status Effects Stacks, Stat/Element/Attack Bonuses, Debuffs, Damage over time and more

Crowd Control Freeze/Curse your enemy, change the behavior or anything else you have in mind!

Inventory System Equipment, Requirements(Class, Level..), Consumables, Stackable, Weight, Currencies and more

Item Refinement – Upgrade your gear and make it more powerful! +1, +2, +3..

Item Rarity – Uncommon, common, Legendary, Ancient.. add as many as you want and increase the Item Bonuses for each Rarity separately!

Item Socket/Gem Slot Add Sockets to your Item and add special items into it to make it more powerful!

Drop System Create loot crates, loot pools. Generate dozen varieties of one Item similar to other Popular ARPGs

Interact System (Interface based) – Interact with any type of objects (Items, Doors, Treasures, NPC’s..)

Crafting Combine or create new items

Advanced AI Highly Optimized, can use Skills, Stat Bonuses, Equip Items, Spawn Slaves(ads) etc.

Custom Projectile Collision – Own Collision Method which runs up to 40% faster than traditional methods!

PvP – (Toggleable) Battle with your friends for fun!

Widget Examples for all systems

Top-Down Example

Third-Person Example

In-Editor Tutorials Over 30+ Tutorials that guide you right away in the Editor! (Available in our discord)

Chat support (Discord, Email) and optional TeamViewer(Desktop sharing) for verified buyers with special needs

Technical Details

Number of Blueprints: 121, Structure: 119, Enum: 35, Widget: 96, Datatable: 12

Input: Gamepad, Keyboard + Mouse

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: Yes

Mac: Not Tested

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