This plugin makes it possible to Paint and Remove Vertex Colors in Runtime on Skeletal or Static Meshes in various ways that can enable New Mechanics, Game Modes or just incredible audio-visual attention to detail!

You can also Detect Vertex Colors and get Data of the Closest Vertex to a Hit Location such as Vertex Colors, Position, Normal, Material, UVs and Colors of Each Bone as well as Native EPhysicsSurface of each Vertex Color Channel. You can also get the Average Color and Physics Surface within an area on a Mesh, so you can run logic in case the player has Painted / Removed Vertex Colors there.

Supports Multithreading so you can paint on meshes with essentially any vertex count with the FPS barely being affected!


Power Wash Sim (Coming Soon)

Tattoo Sim (Coming Soon)

Blood Drip Effect (Coming Soon)

Make-Up on Metahumans (Coming Soon)

Upcoming Features

-Paint Within Area using Multiple Components to check if is within.

-Paint Within Area using Capsule Shape

+ more

Recently Added Features

-Massive performance improvement where you can now paint on a mesh with up to 1 Million vertices with barely any change to the FPS.

-Paint Entire Mesh at Random Vertices. Simulate for instance Rain or Snow Falling by having that be applied randomly over the Mesh.

-Paint With Conditions. So the user has more control of When color is allowed to be applied, so you can for instance set so only apply on the Red Channel if either of the RGBA channels is within certain values.

-Detect Average Color and Physics Surface Within an Area. Useful if you want to run logic if the player has painted (or removed) an area of a certain color / surface.

-Added Support for Skeletal Mesh Master Components, so it now supports both it and Merged Skeletal Mesh Components.

Technical Details


Detect Vertex Colors at Location and Average Color within an Area

Paint Vertex Colors at Location

Paint Vertex Colors Within Area

Paint Vertex Color on Entire Mesh

Create and Paint Color Snippets

Affect Chaos Cloth Physics (UE5 EXCLUSIVE)


Code Modules:

VertexPaintDetectionPlugin – Runtime

VertexPaint_UEToolbarButton – Editor

VertexPaintDetectionPlugin_Editor – Editor 

Number of Blueprints: 2

Number of Widget Blueprints: 3

Number of C++ Classes: 21

Network Replicated: The plugin does extremely little with replication, so the user has more control of How they want things to Replicate, since each project may have different needs depending on optimization, anti cheat structure etc. The Free Example Project is setup with Multiplayer.

The Cloth Overlap Component has an clothOverlapEnabled Replicated bool, so if changed in Runtime, even hot joiners will get it.

Supported Development Platforms: Windows (Linux & MacOS untested)

Supported Target Build Platforms: Win64, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS, PS4, XboxOne (Only Windows Tested)

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