Implemented as a movement component.
Can either directly transform the actor its attached to, or apply forces if the actor simulates physics.
Everything is contained in one class (USixDOFMovement) , doesn’t use any external files.

Technical Details


-Works in both Blueprint and C++ projects

-Allows both physics-based and non-physical movement

-Speed and inertia adjustable for each axis

-Multiple acceleration models – linear, exponential, quadratic, frictionless

-Gravity can work in any direction, independent of world setting

-Automatic movement and input replication

-Replication supports world origin shifting (UE4.14+ only)

-Autopilot – look at, autolevel, move to

-Automatically transform inputs to world or local space

-No hardcoded parameters, anything can be changed in editor or during runtime

-Complete blueprint integration, all functionality accessible without using C++

-Source code included

-Extensive example project included

Network Replicated: Yes

Development Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac

Target Build Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android

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