Without coding, create; per-character, dynamic linear/ non-linear voiced/ text/ unplanned interaction /storyboard stories in node canvas. Usable in game, cutscenes, dialogue, interaction w/wo UI.


Unity Awards nominated Asset πŸ†.

For professionals and beginners. No coding needed

Runs in Unity 2018 , 2019 , 2020, 2021 

Forget the old ways of creating multi-language supported Dialogue, Stories ,Character Interactiona, Cutscene events .

Here is just SOME of what you can do:

● Character Interaction ( Non linear , linear & unplanned)

● Character Dialogue ( Non linear , linear & unplanned)

● Text and Voiced narrative content

● Storyboarding ( with individual image settings )

● General Narrative content creation

● Per- dialogue & action function assignment ( NO FUNCTION LIMIT)

● Text Localization ( NO LANGUAGE LIMIT)

● voice Localization πŸŽ™( NO LANGUAGE LIMIT)

● Sound effect Localization🎜🎜 (NO LANGUAGE LIMIT)

● Cutscene Setup 🎬

● Visual Storytelling ( canvas / export view / export interactable HTML)

● Dynamic audio file generation ( for game/ cutscenes )

● Stortteller Timeline scrubbing

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