Add special cables to your scene, decorate them with various hanging lights, add dynamic lights and customize many properties. meshes are grouped via hierarchical instanced static meshes. This plugin Includes a Modular Light Bulb blueprint for creating various light bulbs and can be easily extended from data tables.


Group Instanced Meshes of different String Lights for higher performance.

Create Static Mesh(es) from String Lights with different merge options.

Specify Lights to add to strings by Index.

Distance Based Optimization.

Improved Directional Wind.

Segment Collision for String Lights.

Support Per Particle Force.

Better Debug View for String Lights.

More Blueprint nodes.

More Features, Improvements and Optimizations.


Transform of Attached Light Bulbs

Socket Transforms of String Light Components.

Shadow Casting of String Light Components.

Calculated Bounds of String Light Components.

Line Trace on Light Bulbs.

Shadow casting option on sections of static mesh assets.

Other minor issues.

Technical Details


Add cables easily with Spline Points

Blueprint Support

Advanced Light Pack Integration

Modular light bulb for creating various light bulbs

Decorate cables with different meshes

Easily override materials

Meshes are grouped via hierarchical instanced static meshes.

Attach Movable Lights

Simulated Hanging Lights

Damping option for cables and lights

Directional Wind Simulation

Pause Simulation for best performance and Static Lights

Optimization options for the simulation

Simple Collision (One way only)

Connect different string lights together

Thoroughly tested on Win64

Code Modules:

StringLightPluginModule (Runtime)

StringLightPluginEditorModule (Editor)

Number of Blueprints: 2 (+7 Miscellaneous)

Number of C++ Classes: 20 Classes, 40 Structs, 3 Enums

Network Replicated: No

Supported Development Platforms: Win/Linux/Mac

Supported Target Build Platforms: Win/Linux/Mac

Additional Notes: This plugin does not use CableComponent

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