Super Powers is a set of skills and effects created for Multiplayer. Skill sets are: Flames, Super, Speedster and Force.

From force fields and flames we also have slow motion, freezing time, lightning and also flying. All this and much more working perfectly with sound effects and in multiplayer mode.

Technical Details

Current Product Version: 1.3.4


4 different Characters with Super Powers.

Powers of: Speedster, Flames, Force and Super.

Force fields, Flames, Lightning, Super Speed, Slow Motion, Freeze Time, Vibrate, Short Flight, Wind Gust, Flight, Freefall, Explosion and Shock Wave are some skills.

18 Unique Sound Effects.




Blueprint Class: 16.

Level: 1.

Materials: 12.

Material Instance: 4.

Material Function: 1 + 4 (New + Material Function of the Unreal Character).

Texture: 14.

Particle System: 14.

Static Mesh: 8.

Skeletal Mesh: 2.

New Character Animations: 34.

Sound: 18.

Sound Cue: 22.

More Details:

Input: Keyboard, Mouse.

Sound Effects: Yes.

Network Replicated: Yes.

Supported Development Platforms: Windows: Yes. Mac: No.

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