All sounds have been completely reworked and optimized for UE5!

(9000+ Sounds)**

Everything your next survival game will need when it comes to sound!

From a variety of professionally recorded guns sounds, melee weapons, crafting, gathering and eating/drinking sounds to footsteps and even vehicle sounds, this pack is a must have for every survival game.

The Pack Includes:

Gun Sounds

Melee Weapon Sounds

Crafting Sounds

Gather Sounds

Eating/Drinking Sounds

Human Vocalizations

Vehicle Sounds

Footstep Sounds

Bandage Sounds

Explosion Sounds

Opening/Closing (Door, Drawer, Closet, Locker, Zipper, Bag)

Fishing Sounds

Mining And Digging Sounds

Pick locking (Door, Car, Safe)

Bow Sounds

Punch Sounds

Coin Sounds

Metal Tools And Trap Sounds

Much, Much More!

Technical Details

Number of Audio Waves: 946

Number of Audio Cues: 946

Do Sound FX loop: Yes (The Loops Are Included In The Package)

Minutes of audio provided: 5

Sample Rate/Bit Rate44.1 kHz, 16bit Stereo WAVs

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