Tenkoku – Dynamic Sky brings completely dynamic high-fidelity sky and weather rendering to Unity developers.

– Complete 24hour day-night-year cycle
– True equinox & precession positioning
– Latitude and longitude adjustment
– Accurate sun, planet, and star positions
– Accurate lunar movement and phases

Lighting & Rendering
– Adjustable full scene lighting
– Volumetric lit atmosphere effects
– Multi-layer dynamic cloud formations
– Beautiful night sky rendering

Advanced Effects
– Ambient sound effects
– Advanced weather effects
– Lightning, thunder, and rainbow effects
– Aurora rendering based on latitude
– Partial, annular, and total solar eclipse

– Open codebase completely in C#
– Simple to setup and customize
– Easy-to-use custom interface

Tenkoku is compatible with the Standard Unity rendering system.
Scriptable Render Pipeline support (HDRP / URP) is not currently available.

Tenkoku is intended for Desktop and Console systems. Mobile targets are not supported.

Tenkoku is compatible with all modern versions of Unity (including Unity 2021.x, 2020.x, 2019.x, 2018.x, 2017.x, and Unity 5.x). Beta Unity releases are not officially supported.

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