Humanoid Basics is the perfect solution for creating any 3rd person game. It is a simple, kinematic character controller designed to have the smoothest third-person controls and to excel in all projects. Originally based on a GTA III style controller.

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⭐ Now includes new Modular UI & Revamped Weapons ⭐

✔️ Core Features:

– Character Setup (Player or Npc) (One-click setup)

– 6 Weapons Prefabs Included

– Automatic Ragdoll

– Shooting system

– Swimming ⭐ NEW ⭐

– Switch aim sides

– Lean while aiming

– Climb

– Crouch

– Jump

– Walk and Run

– Camera collision

– A template with all necessary animations

✔️ Humanoid AI

– All the Same Abilities as a Humanoid Player

– A* Path Finding

– Pick up and Use Weapons.

– Full locomotion AI + Climbing & Swimming.

– Shooting Mechanics.

– Custom Implementation – No Nav Mesh Agents.

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