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Thanks to the recent success of some of our medieval environments we have decided it was time for a beautiful underwater kit to complement those!


The unique art style was Inspired by some of today’s top animes, Jrpgs and mmos.


Customizable Foliage – All foliage use color instanced materials which enable you to adjust saturation, emissive and HUE

Coral Blueprints – The coral system is highly customizable and allows for easy world population of new corals!

Modular – The entire pack was built with modularity and usability high in the priority list. Almost everything you see is modular to ensure you can build huge or even endless underwater worlds!

Optimized – This highly detailed environment was highly optimized to ensure you can render it in all of its glory 🙂

Complete – Everything you will ever need to make an underwater world for your next stylized hit, Jrpg, or standard RPG/MMO is included!

Landscape Materials – A Versatile Ocean Floor landscape material is included (Blend Of 2 layers) which enables you to diversify the landscape and to paint your way to a completely original map.

VFX – The environment comes with unique underwater VFX we are really proud of! Included are geysers, bubbles, and several fish schools!

Technical Details

Number of Unique Meshes: 75

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 46

Number of Textures: 71

Texture Resolutions: (256×256, 2048×2048, 4096×4096)

Collision: Auto Collision

LODs: Auto Lods

Vertex: 189 – 14763 (Treasure Chest)

Supported Platforms: Windows, IOS

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