UCS empowers developers and players by allowing them to design high quality humanoid characters (males, females or monsters) within the engine.

> 50 morph targets to define the shape of the face, eyes, nose, mouth, etc.

15 Bone modifiers to determine overall shape (arms size, body fat, etc.)

> 65 shader parameters for skin, age, muscularity, hair, etc.

12 stunning hairstyles (extremely customizable morphs & shader parameters) + 7 beard styles

Very efficient hair wind vertex animation. Control wind direction and speed using a material parameter collection. New: Hair animation with movement!

>50 free cloth meshes: Medieval armors, helmets, modern T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, Jackets, Pants, Glasses, Hats, etc. More added for free on each update!

Customizable cloth: up to 4 material layers, cloth fuzz, dirt, etc.

Amazing eye shader with configurable colors, veins, scale, animated glow, etc.

Cosmetic effects: blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow and lipstick.

Decals (freckles, scars, etc)

Configurable teeth, gums, tongue, dirt, shape, orientation, etc.

Powerful randomizer tool to effortlessly generate new characters or create small variations to existing ones.

Free simple IK foot placement system

Update 0.3: it can now be used as a player character creator as well!

Documentation: PDF manual (Doesn’t include latest UE5 features yet, it will soon), video tutorials (New videos with the latest features will be published soon)

Update logs

v0.1: Better deformations + support for 4.25

v0.2: 3 new morph targets + mohawk hairstyle + Anim Blueprint optimizations + 2 extra clothing slots + new decals

v0.3: Player character creation (runtime) + in-game presets changing + hair clipping masks + headgear + new clothing + tutorial map

v0.4: Code cleanup & player character creation improvements

v0.5: Fixed issue related to the BP_LightStage object that prevented packaging

v0.6: Added hair animation with character velocity. It’s a cool effect at virtually no extra rendering cost.

v0.7: Added 2 medieval armor sets (total 6 meshes): upperbody, lowerbody and helmets with normal, rusted and golden texture sets.

v0.8: Added Eye Movement Controls + 4 simple expressions (Happy, Sad, Angry, Surprised) that can be easily called from Blueprints. Also added LODS.

v0.9: fixed UE5 cosmetic issues

v1.0: Significantly improved skinning and bone weights. Integrated to UE5 Mannequin, can now play all animations without any manual work required (just use your own UE5 animations and they’ll work perfectly, as seen here. No retargeting required). Readapted all clothing parts. Redesigned medieval armors, including 3D modeling, UV mapping, texturing and skinning and cloth painting. Improved hair vertex movement algorithm. Fixed UE5 bugs.

v1.1: Big update for UE5 only with fully redesigned medieval armor sets (now separated in helmets, upper body, lower body, gloves and boots). Custom armor shader for all sets with coloring, edge wear, scratches, dirt, etc. New helmet designs (with closed and open versions when applicable), new hoods and ragged clothing. Improved cloth simulation for capes, hoods, skirts, etc; with proper backstop configurations to minimize clipping through. Redesigned Hairstyles and Hair shaders, now with better scaling parameters and masks to adapt any hairstyle to almost any head cloth and provide more variation. New Hair movement algorithm with improved looks, performance, and minimal clipping through with customizable backstop parameters. It’s now possible to easily visualize and define which area of the hair will move. 5 new horn accessories and 3 warpaint decals. Improved skin shader (now allows for an additional skin mask) New Showcase map with functionality examples. Added temporary fixes to known UE5 issue that affects Morph Targets and is targeted for UE5.2 fix.

v1.2: Improved integration with UE4 character projects (ALS 5-minute integration), improved Feet IK, created IK Retargeter including Root Motion. Fixed minor bugs.

Technical Details

Documentation: PDF manual (Doesn’t include latest UE5 features yet, it will soon), video tutorials (New videos with the latest features will be published soon)

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