Volumetric Glass is an advanced and efficient master material designed for rendering volumetric shapes and glass. The package is useful for creating sci-fi stylized environments like water tanks, aquariums, underwater tunnels even glass in bathyscaphes. The package is perfectly balanced between quality and efficiency. Designed and optimized specially for high-quality Virtual Reality, and PC/Console games.




Two types of material underwater volume and shaped glass

GPU friendly and very efficient (only 150 instructions) can be used on mobile as well as in the VR

Multiple shapes (box, sphere, ellipse, cylinder, mesh)

Spline based tunnel blueprint

Over 70 parameters to set up: light shafts, volumetric, scattering, glass color, fog density, wet color, reflections, etc.

Animated clip plane surface

Vertex color based texture masking

Example map contains underwater world and sci-fi laboratory

High-quality fast scattering

Fast box projected reflections

Custom multi-channeled point lights

Easy to integrate with other water surfaces like Aquatic Surface.

No precomputation so can be used as a window in an underwater bathyscaphe.

***Monthly Unreal Engine Sponsored Content product for November 2020***

Technical Details

Number of materials: 2 (glass volume, glass shape)

Textures and resolutions: 1-1024×1024, 5-512×512, 1-64×64

Material instances: 15 examples of use

Supported development platforms: Windows, Mac OS

Supported Target Build: PC, Console, VR,

Package Size: 6MB + 62MB demo content

Multiplayer: N/A

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